Drive types

Find out more about the alternative drive types.


Plug-in hybrid drive

EQ Power: the perfect combination of electric motor and combustion engine.

Internal combustion engine

Depending on the model, four- or six-cylinder petrol or diesel engines are combined with hybrid modules and batteries with different performance ratings.
If required, the output of the combustion engine is supported by the electric motor – for an extra boost when accelerating. The result is performance that combines driving pleasure and comfort with reduced consumption and low emissions.

Recuperative brake system

For additional range: there is great potential to reduce consumption by increasing recuperation in overrun mode and braking phases.

This takes place via intelligent, efficiently optimised distribution of the deceleration torque. When you press down on the brake pedal, the electric motor initially takes on the task of decelerating the vehicle, acting as an alternator.

Hybrid drives including electric motors.

The electric motor and an additional decoupler between the combustion engine and electric motor are completely integrated into the hybrid head of the standard-specification 9G-TRONIC 9-speed automatic transmission.

High-voltage lithium-ion battery

A high-voltage lithium-ion battery installed in the rear part of the vehicle allows for all-electric driving, for example in the city.
The battery can be charged externally, for example at a wallbox, as well as while driving by recuperation and the combustion engine.
Charging socket

Apart from recuperation, the high-voltage lithium-ion battery can also be charged externally via a charging socket on the right-hand side of the rear bumper. Thanks to an intelligent on-board charging system, you can charge up the battery at a wallbox, via a normal mains socket or at a public charging station.